ASAL2020 Virtual Program

The final program for ASAL2020 Virtual is now available. Thanks, again, to everybody who has helped to make this happen.

Click here for the ASAL2020 Virtual Program

The program for ASAL 2020 Virtual includes several components: live Zoom sessions; blog entries; 3-minute lightning talks; and 20-minute pre-recorded presentations. 

Registration for ASAL2020 has now closed. On Friday, 26 June, links to the conference Zoom sessions and links to the book of abstracts will be emailed to those who have registered.

Zoom sessions

The ASAL2020 live sessions will be broadcast via Zoom. You will need to have the Zoom app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and ensure that you have the latest version of Zoom uploaded. If you are new to this platform, please visit Zoom Video Resources for tutorials on how to use Zoom. Unfortunately, we cannot offer technical support during the event.

As there will probably be more than 100 participants in some sessions, we will mute everyone’s audio on entry. If you have your settings to Speaker View, the speakers will take up the screen space. 

Each Zoom session will have a chair and moderator to take questions. You will be able to ask questions via the Zoom chat function. Just type your question in that space during the session, and the moderator will pass on your question to the chair. Check the tool bar on the bottom of the video screen for the chat button. If you haven’t used Zoom before, you might wish to watch the ‘Meeting Controls’ video in the Zoom Video Resources.

Virtual Gallery

The ASAL2020 website will include a Virtual Gallery, where you will find the blog entries and the 3-minute and 20-minute pre-recorded presentations. This page will be published after the opening night on Monday, 29 June, and remain open until the evening of 3 July. Delegates will be encouraged to deliver questions and comments via social media throughout the conference. On Days 2 and 3 of the conference, a third stream is left open for additional time to visit the Virtual Gallery. 

Social Media

Please use social media to share your experience of the conference by using the hashtag #ASAL2020VIRTUAL.

We look forward to seeing you at ASAL2020.